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Afraid to get bulky by lifting weights?

First off, you're not alone. There is constant and immense pressure on women from all directions to conform to beauty standards. The desire to look attractive (which in our culture, also means being small) often dictates the choices that many women make about what they eat and what activities they engage in. Most women put a lot of thought and effort into their appearance, aiming to be thin, soft, and feminine – a body type that is not commonly associated with physical strength. It may seem sh

Feb 27, 2024   •   4 min read

Is high volume training killing your gains?

Almost everyone falls into what I call the "volume trap" at some point in their training journey. Initially, they discover that they can do more exercises, more sets, or more sessions per week to accelerate their progress. The logic goes something like this: "If I want get stronger at the back squat, I should practice it more. 5 sets of squats per week is good, but 10 sets of squats per week is better." But then, if 10 is better than 5, why not push for 20? 25? 30? From an observer's standpoint

Feb 20, 2024   •   4 min read

The health industry is failing us. What can we do about it?

Ever since I decided to pursue a career in nutrition, I've been bothered by the disconnect between focus of the health industry and the needs of average people. As I get farther in my formal education, I'm quickly losing faith in the capability of nutrition professionals to reach the people who need them, when they need them, in the way that they need them. One group of experts help the people who are very ill (e.g. hospital patients). A smaller group of experts help the people who are very fit

Feb 13, 2024   •   6 min read

"I'm good all day, but then I binge at night."

Many of you will resonate with a day like this. You have fantastic willpower all day long, sticking to a healthy low calorie meal plan. For breakfast, it's a green smoothie and a black coffee. For lunch, a grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinegar, hold the cheese and no side of bread. You're feeling great, you're feeling energetic, you're feeling so accomplished! But then, you stumble into your kitchen after the day is done, and that's when everything spirals. All of a sudden, you get the ir

Feb 6, 2024   •   4 min read

No, you didn't really gain a lb overnight

Here's a common scenario that you may be able to relate to. You've been diligently pursuing your fitness goals for weeks, keeping a close eye on both your nutrition and your exercise routine. Then one morning, you step on the scale and—bam!—the number has jumped up over a pound since yesterday. You've been doing everything by the book, so what went wrong? Why does the universe hate you? At this point, you are disheartened and frustrated. You may be tempted to give up on your goals altogether, s

Jan 30, 2024   •   4 min read